Monday, January 23, 2017

Trump Administration will Change FirstNet? Time has come to decentralize FirstNet and let the States takeover?

Exciting times following the election. As was promised, cuts are starting to happen. Just as I spoke about over two years ago, the change of administration was going to be the bull in the china shop and changes were going to happen. It’s just a matter of time before the administration addresses the FirstNet issue. I mean it’s only been 5 years since FirstNet was established and we still don’t even have a single State deployed, not even a city, or local municipality. All we have so far is a whole lot of promises, conferences, sessions and a contested RFP award to AT&T.

Given the history of FirstNet with all the investigations, the new staff, the pull-back and realignment with federal procurement, plus the spending of money while getting nothing in return, why would anyone think that the new administration would be blind to what’s going on? One thing you can count on, is the fact that human nature will kick in. Wilbur Ross, President Trump (I still love the sound of that) and many more changes to come, reek of the impending changes. It’s just a matter of time to when the new administration sees the need to deconstruct this centralized federal solution and push the deployment of FirstNet onto the States. After all, that’s where it should have been since the beginning. I could have fully completed at least 4-5 States by now.

One positive thing out of all of this is that we are at the pinnacle of change for the States. The coming change will enable the State to employ many, fund much, strengthen most and provide infrastructure to all. By allowing the State to create its own Public Private Partnership, in constructing its own broadband company, will create a lot of jobs. Such a solution will also allow the State to generate much needed revenue for such programs as Public Safety, Healthcare, Schooling and many others, while at the same time pushing for privatized commercial broadband services statewide – even the rural areas will be covered – riding a truly hardened and prioritized telecommunications infrastructure.  It’s just a matter of time.

But…. If the administration believes that the entire solution should fall to the carriers, then the whole thing is screwed…again.

But who am I other than….

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