Friday, January 6, 2017

Has FirstNet screwed the pooch on this one?

So here we sit in a wait and see mode on FirstNet – most importantly we are still seeing the States sit back and wait as well. This is disconcerting, the longer you wait, the closer Public Safety comes to losing its hold on the D-Block spectrum. If FirstNet, or the States, don’t start to make a move, the more the perception builds that those in charge today have truly screwed the pooch and are now stuck like a deer in the headlights sitting in the middle of the Autobahn. The longer we wait, especially the States, the riskier it becomes to losing control -- ultimately losing control of the spectrum.

What do you think will happen with the spectrum if Public Safety can’t act – and just so you know, the failure of the Public Safety Broadband Network will lay at the feet of FirstNet, but it will be known as the failure of the leadership within Public Safety itself. Congress will say that they gave the spectrum to Public Safety; Public Safety will say they gave it to FirstNet to execute; FirstNet will say that Public Safety tied their hands; and the new President will just see it as another failure of the Obama Administration; but in the end it will primarily be viewed as Public Safety’s failure to create its own network, thus leaving no other option but to say – “your FIRED!"

As the word starts to spread, all Americans will start to hear that “Public Safety” can’t conceptualize, design and deploy a broadband network. Those that considered the current course will be chastised by the new leadership as a failure from the beginning, thus requires a major overhaul – or – the spectrum should be handed back to the free market so that the carriers can bid for its use. If this is the course to be, then ultimately Public Safety will once again fall into the role of second fiddle. What’s even worse is that the States will have missed an opportunity to create a solid tool for generating revenue for the State and easing the tax base.

What’s the solution? Capre Diem is what I say. The States just need to act and construct their own Public Private Partnership with a private entity to create its own Broadband Company within its own borders, then mandate that Public Safety is Priority 1 and has complete right-of-way during disasters, plus the State maintains an ownership stake to generate revenue for its share. It’s that simple…. Alabama you are heading down the right path…stay the course. All States need to forget about this “Opt-In” solution and focus on your own needs.

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