Saturday, January 7, 2017

FirstNet and the Russian Hackers attack our Cyber Security -- Trump has it right -- it's all nonsense and an old movie we have already seen?

So an intel report is finally out on the street claiming the Russians hacked the Democratic National Party. The report also eludes that the Cyber Security situation in the United States is in shambles. I spent a number of years in the intelligence business and I can tell you that this is nothing new. Ever since the Internet was created such issues have been prevalent. The ability to secure networks was understood many years ago, thus the reason the Department of Defense created two separate networks at the time – NiPRNET and SiPRNET. One network is secured and isolated and the other is not and is connected to the Internet. Even our allies and foes have similar solutions…. it’s nothing new. Being that this was 20 years ago, I’m sure even more secure options have been established – ever hear about WarFighter?

For all the discussion about FirstNet, and the Public Safety Broadband Network, the network will be, or should be, fashioned in the same manner. The only way you can insure a secure network is to isolate the network – physically. Even then the network is, and will be, targeted at the physical intrusion space, but as I alluded to in my last article, to successfully address the most robust cyber secure architecture is to think in multi-layered approaches…. starting with an isolated network. Anybody saying that addressing cyber security is all about the applications and doesn’t tell you to isolate the network, doesn’t know what they are talking about.

In the end FirstNet, Public Safety in general, needs to be welcomed into the multi-layered secure infrastructure that has been around for years. This means a lot of secured people; vetting options of access; physical security awareness; and the actual physical hardened infrastructure. FirstNet will undoubtedly require the same approach of a hardened secure and isolated infrastructure that can also morph commercialized services juxtaposed via the same hardened infrastructure. 

We aren’t talking about the traditional RF based LMR solutions; we are talking about such things as multilayered physical access from the hardened POP (Point of Presence); through alarmed Lambda transport configurations running DWDM configured for traditional transport protocols like Ethernet; all the way up into the individual required applications.  On top of the multilayered approach will be physical security, awareness and vetting of users, facilities and transport routes.  This sounds all really nice and complex, but the real issue is much simpler – FirstNet and Public Safety need to understand that they are creating much more than just a wireless network for Public Safety – they are creating an entirely new infrastructure.

This entire concept of the Public Safety Broadband Network is just the cornerstone to a nationwide infrastructure of secure communications for the entire nation, both as a national asset and the basis for all secure communications – governmental, private, and commercial. Public Safety just happens to be the catalyst to making it all happen.

It’s not all about the money, in fact, I would much rather put $100 Billion into this network, and its long term operations, because that is a direct funnel to creating much needed jobs, electrifying a new market, and augmenting a new resource of revenue to transform the tax base – ultimately creating an entire ecosystem of jobs creation, tax relief and protection through a capitalistic system. The only way such a capitalistic solution can be delivered, is under the construct of a Public Private Partnership – the P3 model I have been advocating for some time now.

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