Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Why AT&T's "Directv Now" will help save FirstNet!

President Trump’s appointment to Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, will impact FirstNet! Trust me! Mr Ross is not one to promote government run anything, he is a true commercial business cardiologist. Things will be drastically different. Why you ask? It has already impacted FirstNet and the appointment hasn’t even been made yet. FirstNet is in a “wait and see” period, just like the States were saying to FirstNet “we will wait and see”. Well, now we see…. everyone is in the wait and see now….  like I said would happen two years ago. FirstNet can’t move forward now because they don’t know what their new leadership will say. The States can’t move forward (so they say) because of FirstNet’s delays and ill-advised progress to date.

With the new administration, the shift will be towards the States. The States were always the best positioned to build FirstNet. FirstNet will be downplayed to a support role of oversight insuring that the States can interoperate across borders. Meanwhile, FirstNet will take control of a national system of control centers and data collection sites steering clear of direct control of State bound command and control requirements. In actuality, this is how it should have happened from the beginning. As I said in the past, this is way too big to try and build it from the top-down…. It has to come from the bottom-up. So how will the States build their portion – through the public private partnership model. In the end the State is not building a network, they are building an infrastructure to support many networks.

AT&T came out today announcing “Directv Now”. Directv Now is a content platform not dependent on their own ownership of the assets. In short, it will be an APP on your Roku or Apple TV type platforms to access all the AT&T Directv content that was traditionally delivered by satellite, Uverse or traditional cable TV accounts.  What does this have to do with the Public Safety Broadband Network? It has a lot to do with the PSBN effort. If a State employs a Public Private Partnership (The Myers Model) to deploy their Public Safety Infrastructure, then this AT&T announcement means that the State may have its first real paying customer.

No matter how AT&T reaps the benefits through the demands of its users, they will always need infrastructure to deliver it -- what better way than through a truly hardened and secure infrastructure than the Public Safety Broadband Infrastructure? As part of the P3 model AT&T would be listed as a priority three traffic user of the State’s network, along with others. Players like Netflix, Google TV, Apple TV, Sling, Hulu and others all play in the same content industry that AT&T just blew up – they all need hardened, protected and secure infrastructure to appease the appetite of the devouring consumer, i.e. citizen who also needs Public Safety.

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