Monday, November 14, 2016

FirstNet: What President Trump needs to do with FirstNet

President Trump is a true entrepreneur. His talents in the field of management allows him to use creativity in his pursuits within the government. This is good for us all, especially as it relates to FirstNet. The secret, as I spoke about some two years ago, is in the business model selected. The current carrier driven business model is not what’s best for Public Safety.  The model needs to be based on accessing the full breadth of the allocated spectrum with an entrepreneurial exercise of a mixed method of balancing the commercial aspirations fulfilling the needs of Public Safety. In short, we need to split the Federal piece from the State piece and commercialize the purpose for creating revenue to sustain the needs of Public Safety.  As an entrepreneur President Trump should recognize this immediately. Hopefully his appointee to lead this effort will too.

The entire concept of FirstNet needs to be redesigned. FirstNet, the Board, needs to be maintained. The organization FirstNet, CEO etc.., needs to stay as well, but with some directive changes. The board should continue to focus on oversight of the entire national program but not the State solution. FirstNet needs to set the standard for templating the interoperable requirements; develop a framework of a business model that each State can use in delivering its Public Private Partnership; and focus on a top layer topology of interconnection between all State networks. The board must continue its role assuring that Public Safety will get what’s its supposed to get. FirstNet the organization needs refocus on the role of a top layered approach to insuring a nationwide interoperable solution, but it should not be the constructor of the network. The physical construction of the network needs to be the responsibility of the individual State.

Each State should use the templates defined by FirstNet as a starting point to constructing their own models for statewide deployment. Those templates will illustrate the requirements needed to insure interoperability and baseline a revenue share for supporting the national approach, i.e. shareholder stakes in each State P3 for FirstNet. It really is that simple. FirstNet gets to focus on the national organization; the States get to create their own statewide solution; all while adding up to the whole national solution. For those States that don't have enough resources, or market penetration, then FirstNet can step in to assist, but I find it hard to believe that a State will not have enough. It's all in how you look at the market and who the potential customers could, should and would be.

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