Friday, December 18, 2015

FirstNet -- New Hampshire starts its "Opt Out" process. You RFP better be convincing or there will be a landslide of more Opt Outs!

What better price is there than free? How can you, by law, say no to a no-cost proposal that doesn’t require taxpayer money? A proposal that not only feeds the engine of a complete build-out and its long-term operations, but also pays for all the First Responders communications needs. This is what The Myers Model™ Public Private Partnership does. The model is a construct of a Public Private Partnership that the State of New Hampshire is asking for in its latest RFP to build the State’s Public Safety Broadband Network. In essence this is the “Opt Out” plan for New Hampshire – although not decided yet. My intuition says that if the FirstNet plan does not meet their demands, or timelines, then this will be the plan going forward – one of many to come. 

Don't forget the State of Pennsylvania already came out with its high-level goals of "Opt Out" as well!

The Myers Model P3 is the only model that was specifically designed to meet the demands of FirstNet and the State to build the National Public Safety Broadband Network. Don’t be fooled by others, like Australian Equity firms, claiming to use the same model. In fact the Public Private Partnership model has never been done before, as was stated in my dissertation in 2009 following 7 years of research. The fact of the matter is that there are many moving parts in this model and any false projections or misstep could be very detrimental to the State’s economy and procurement relationship with Federal contracting -- take this as a warning. I created this model following more than 10 years of work. I spent long hard hours polishing the model and how it addresses the specific needs of telecommunications to the vertical industries – to include Public Safety. In its climatic outcome my work essentially states that there is no other Public Private Partnership framework that will work in this context -- none.

Here is what will happen with New Hampshire, and other States putting together plans to Opt Out. FirstNet will send out its RFP the first week of January. That RFP will not be addressed to any of the States; it will be purely addressed to a commercial partner (carrier) to come in and BOT a solution nationwide. This will fall into a phase of legal interpretations, contractor negotiations and finally produce a model that will force its own demise and hamper any success. The broadband network will only cover major metropolitan networks, thus fall short in its requirement to fulfill rural area coverage. Regardless this will be disastrous to the State of New Hampshire’s plans for any type of Opt In -- primarily due to the forced metropolitan coverage and the timeline to build out in the New Hampshire area in a timely manner.  I haven’t even said anything about the required “self funding capability”.

New Hampshire is doing the right thing. Essentially New Hampshire is moving forward with its own justifiable Public Private Partnership solution; primarily because the response to such a proposal is really an act of equity investor teaming and alignment of deployment contractors and vendors – all of which will be highlighted in an overall business case and high level design. You can’t solidify the funding until you have a good business case. You can’t build a business case until you have most of the projected services and offerings. Don’t get me wrong preliminary numbers demonstrate a solid win for investors to fund the exercise, but you can’t create your team until you have convinced them of their returns. On the face of it the P3 will work, it just needs to be massaged so that it can grow in its implementation. The actual build and design portion will be limited to high-level material in the beginning so as to convince the new investors to pay for the State’s network – this takes time. The State can move forward with awarding the contract immediately because the real task of designing and deploying the solution will only commence once the Governor has given his okay following FirstNet’s failure to meet their needs. As my personal historical record of my models implementation to date I can safely state that finding the investment team will not be an issue, in fact we will have to limit its exposure to certain players because of the returns and risk diverse nature.

If you want more specifics you will have to ask for a consult.

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