Tuesday, December 29, 2015

FirstNet -- Carriers ask for Indemnification! You ride our network; you get what you paid for!

Just read an interesting article by Donny Jackson entitled “Commercial priority-service offerings promise to be eye-opening to carriers, public safety, critical infrastructure” (Dec 29, 2015) Donny raises some good points; points I’ve already made for the last two years. The carriers will do what the carriers want and in this effort their best defense is an act of open offense.

The capability to QOS/COS the service profiles of users has always been a functionality of LTE; they just chose not to sell this type of service to the masses. It just adds more headaches for them in managing the process of line installation, circuit provision and quality assurance that is trouble in a small-scale deployment but harmful at a large scale. Why add more headaches when people are willing to pay for the service just the way it is? The fact is we’ve been provisioning Lambdas, virtual circuits and/or hard circuits since the beginning…anyone remember ATM (A-Synchronous Transfer Mode)? How about the hardline telephone? This type of service has always been around. The fact of the matter is that “Public Safety” didn’t bring in enough revenue to change the needle; that is why Public Safety was never given the priority. The cost to manage QOS/COS (Quality of Service and Class of Service) is far greater than what the carriers are willing to pay for and much more than what Public Safety revenue accounts for.

Regardless of all the maneuvering there is one word that is going to kill this arrangement – indemnity!  You see a carrier has always been able to provision priority service for Public Safety, they chose not to. Why would they do that? Well because if I provision priority of service for you during – lets say a hurricane – and my network does not meet its service agreement, and/or, my network gets knocked out, I’m held liable. What would damages be on thousands of deaths as a result of no communication capability to First Responders? What about property damage? Anyone remember the BP oil spill? Such a calamity will destroy an entire carrier. This is something the carriers will never sign up for. What you can expect is that the carrier SLA for priority service to public safety will be interpreted as one big “ask for indemnity clause”.  Then we are back to square one, where as, we simply can’t expect a commercial provider to provide prioritized public safety access on their revenue driven private business – plain and simple. Then we go round and around.

The only solution is what was already won within the halls of Congress – that is the D-Block going to Public Safety to build their own network. There is only one business model that Public Safety (thus FirstNet) can use to deliver what it needs -- the only way to build the Public Safety Broadband Network – The Myers Model™. The Myers Model is the only Public Private Partnership model that establishes a framework for all of Public Safety and puts them priority 1 within their own network – a solution I’ve been pitching this since 2012.

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