Friday, October 2, 2015

FirstNet: Motorola making a SMART move. Could be the game changer they need – they could take over all control of FirstNet!!

Motorola buying Airwave may be the smartest move yet and the solution they were looking for. This has many points of positive moves. The primary being their move into Managed Services where as they could maintain, manage and operate public safety broadband networks. Another reason is a foothold in the UK, thus Europe, by pushing LMR over Tetra products (that will be a tough sell though). Plus, they got it at cheap price, given Macquarie just bought Airwave back in 2007 for $3.8 Billion – that’s quite a loss on their investment. But Macquarie seems to be lacking in the SMART area when it comes to technology investments.I believe it is a direct result of who is at the helm in making the decisions for them. But hey you can’t win them all. About the smartest thing Macquarie has done is plagiarize acquire my P3 info to invest in Kentucky.

Motorola’s acquisition of Airwave will enable it to establish managed service contracts between the UK,Canada and the US, thus being the first to consolidate a national capability of operating FirstNet. I guess Motorola will be bidding on whatever FirstNet RFP is advertised then. That’s how Motorola usually does it anyway; go for the bid, even if it’s a bad RFP, win it, then negotiate terms and conditions at the same time changing the RFP in the process. It wouldn’t be the first time and it won’t be the last – check out the history of LA-RICS. Although it seems to be kind of “under the table” type deals, it’s business (with my Bronx tone). Although, Motorola hasn’t been doing very well lately, when it comes to this philosophy leads me to believe that Motorola has only been doing this out of desperation. Regardless this acquisition could be the maneuvering that Motorola needs to insure its future as the market leader once the Public Safety Broadband Network gets underway, and it will get underway. Motorola has some very good relationships that go deep within the Public Safety space; it would take an act of God, or a major dissolution of Motorola, to get rid of that “good o’boy network”.

Motorola is in fact putting itself into a very smart position; even if they may not fully understand what they have done. Operating and managing the Public Safety Control Center piece allows Motorola to be the only one in the space; or at least the only one that can proclaim its individuality in the space. After all, control and operations of the Public Safety Broadband Network will be the gateway into the Applications layer of the broadband services, i.e. NG-911, Utility infrastructures, Transportation and many others. He who control’s the broadband layers – controls the market. Seems that this would be a great “in” for players like HP, IBM and even Honeywell (if they are still around).

How will controlling the network operations enable Motorola to be best positioned for controlling all of FirstNet? Simple, the control plain of the network will be based on connectivity within the DWDM (Dense Wave Division) layer, or layer 2, inter-connecting all the statewide networks, thus wireless broadband tower infrastructures. Gigabit Ethernet will be transported via wavelengths (Lambdas) one layer up. Those Lamdas will be the fiber and virtual network connectivity for all those that ride on the network – to include the entire wireless broadband portion. The controlling entity of the core backbone in the transport layer needs to maintain, track and provide access for all entities that need to access the network – this is where Motorola is positioning itself. Once again, Motorola may not even know what they are doing here and it could just be a fluke.

The scary thing is that Motorola has never operated as an ISP (Internet Service Provider) before, such as XO, or Level 3, etc.. Doing nationwide network management, using umbrella management solutions, is not the same as LMR; add on top of that the controlling fabric of the wireless layer – that being the backhaul and RAN solutions – makes it even more convoluted as to what Motorola would need to do. My gut feeling is that they may never be able to take on the work they are buying into. But, it’s a smart move and one that I would engage as well. Could make them a big force in the communications market again (beyond just handsets). Makes the SWOT analysis of the entire acquisition quite appetizing. Then again they could be just making a play to replace Tetra as well.

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