Friday, August 8, 2014

FirstNet you have your first build -- Kentucky! Way to go Governor Beshear!!

Doing it the right way! Kentucky has started its rollout of broadband. Well we are off to a great start. We do have our first State making a run for the Public Private Partnership model and we have many interested parties that want to partake.

This will be great for the Commonwealth of Kentucky; it’s constituents; healthcare system; financial markets; economic development; education; Public Safety and First Responders. There be no fear because the Public Private Partnership is not a new format to execute large complex builds – just new to broadband, thus the Myers Model™ Public Private Partnership.

Out of the gate we have a tremendous amount of interest. We are making great strides with the private equity players, General Contractors, sub-contractors and vendors. We are also having a significant amount of success with commercial service entities willing to pump broadband throughout the entire State utilizing the State’s Public Private Partnership. As it was laid out in the Middle Class Tax Relief and Jobs Creation Act of 2012, any under-utilized or un-used bandwidth can be sold for commercial services and the Myers Model™ approach is perfectly setup to execute on that law.

The only issues we are having is that the State and its solicitation process do not align properly with the Private Equity pace of understanding and commitment. When you are negotiating a Billion dollars for a network, you don’t want to rush it. But, in the end the payoff is tremendous for the P3 entity as well as the State. It’s just a matter of time and patience.

There are a whole host of States that are watching the development in Kentucky, a few even disappointed that they didn’t execute first, but in the end at least we have forward movement in constructing the Nations Public Safety Broadband Network. As you can see for yourself the State has issued two RFPs. The first RFP is to construct the fiber optic backbone – better known as Phase 1.

Phase 1 Fiber Optic broadband deployment is in support all the State agencies and entities that require fiber connectivity. One of those stakeholders of this fiber optic network will be Public Safety, most importantly, FirstNet.  The fiber will be designed to accommodate the broadband wireless infrastructure throughout the State. This is the core fiber backbone and last mile access solution

Phase 2 is the wireless broadband (LTE) portion, better known as FirstNet. This wireless solution is a perfect addition to the broadband fiber solutions for the State, most specifically will be the re-prioritization of Public Safety being first. This is the mobility portion of the State's broadband solution.

Phase 3 will be the applications layer of Managed Services as well as Security based operations, such as Cyber Security. This will be a significant piece to the puzzle in that it has the potential to reap the most benefits. This is where such platforms as interoperable cell service, NG-911, secure Public Safety Mobility, educational support structures, healthcare solutions, Utility SMART grid and many others will take place. These are the apps that will ride on top of the fiber and mobile wireless broadband solution for the State. 

By phasing it in this approach we manage to give time to the wireless portion and plan better for the applications layer.

I applaud Governor Beshear, and his staff, this really is a great plan….now lets give sometime for Private Equity to get onboard.

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