Monday, July 21, 2014

FirstNet -- President Barack Obama is speaking to you, are you listening?

Recent article on what President Obama said, entitled "President Announces Public-Private Partnership Initiative for Infrastructure Development"

Have you ever tried to get a program, or project, done when the CEO makes a direct order to do so? You get a bunch of people stirring around looking for direction so that they know what mundane processes they need to setup that matches what he just directed everyone to do. Ultimately what the CEO is trying to do is spark ingenuity and creativity, but instead what we get is exactly the opposite, instead of opening up the creativity it commissions the organization to act within its current makeup of people.

Being that it came from the CEO, those that handle the day-to-day operations will not make a move unless they get specific rules of engagement because they don't want to lose their jobs – these are the amiable and analytical types (see Personality Profiles developed by Peter Urs Bender) and typically these types don’t want to rock the boat with change. We see it all the time, it's that guy, or gal, that really doesn't have much skills other than keep the lights on -- not that that's a bad thing, there is a place for everyone -- but these are the people who manage to stay employed no matter what happens. These types manage to keep their head down and out of the line of fire allowing them to avoid the fight. Actually, if you think about it, these workers are analogous to the typical career oriented federal workers. You can’t blame these people for what they are, they’re just doing what their genetics has programmed them to do. What is really at fault is the state of our nations economy.

With the lack of financial support to expand our productivity and creative approaches in expanding business, we are stuck in a mode of “protect your job mentality”, which is perfect for the analytical or amiable types, but is disastrous for driver and expressive types. The driver is the type of personality that wants to lead and drive to get things done; the expressive are those that make the sale and sell the business into new business. If the money isn’t freed up, then the creative and new business will not occur, and if you aren’t looking for new business and creative solutions to expand your product, then you are in a mode of hoarding cash, essentially cutting staff to eliminate those that are trying to push the business into new business – essentially eliminating their creativity, and entrepreneurial activities, thus the companies overall success -- essentially the company has moved into stagnant mode. What’s worse is that this hoarding will continue until the economy starts to show signs of relief so that the company (CEO, in this case the President of the United States) can free up the cash to spend on new business. What does this have to do with FirstNet? Well everything actually.

With the current state of the economy, companies are holding back the creativity associated with building the Nations largest telecom job ever, actually all the industry segments are doing the same thing. Our problem is that those that are actually sitting in control of the program are those personalities that are inherently analytical and amiable; this means we will be inundated with data, material, meetings and confusion due to lack of leadership, which is exactly happening. This does not mean these people, currently in the leadership roles, are bad people, it’s just what the market demands right now. The fact is we can’t accomplish what we need to accomplish if the economy doesn’t improve. An improved economy will allow the companies to free up the money. We also can’t do make it a success without a mixture of the analytical, amiable, expressive and the driver. Are we in a state of the chicken, or the egg? Yes.

In perspective, the commercial carriers were created with the entrepreneurial spirit and the leadership and salesmanship of the drivers and the expressives. The operations of the commercial carriers are run by the analytical and the amiable (hunter versus gatherers). The fact is we can’t have a good model of execution and strategy for FirstNet without the partnership between all four-personality types; and we can’t do that if the economy is not there to support it. Is there a solution? Well yes, and the President recognizes the solution when he opens the gates for the Public Private Partnership models.

Now there are those that believe the carriers, working with Federal Government, is a Public Private Partnership, in actuality you can call a mailbox working with a postman a Public Private Partnership, that doesn’t mean it’s a Public Private Partnership that will work. After studying the topic for many years, there is only one solution for FirstNet that is the best suited for what we are trying to do and I developed that in The Myers Model™.

The President is not telling us what to do, rather he is telling us we can do, and it is based on our own creativity and willingness to step out there and present ideas; thus the rational behind The Myers Model™ Public Private Partnership. The wool has come off the eyes for many of the States as well. The use of the Myers Model™ is nothing new to them and they are just now finding that out. It’s a process they have done a dozen times for other large “infrastructure” jobs. That is what’s so important to what the President is saying. My suggestion here, is take hold of it and lets get going.

You see I’m the personification of the driver mindset. I get up everyday thinking about ways to make things a success, and to me this FirstNet network is as clear as day on what needs to be done, but I can’t get anything done unless I attract “followers”. I only represent one quadrant of the personalities needed to execute FirstNet – which are you? What do you contribute and how do we get the team together to execute this?

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