Tuesday, July 29, 2014

FirstNet and a Con to Cover Their Carrier Business Model? 4.6 Billion reasons why!

There are probably a lot of you out there in the world of ether and broadband connectivity that are wondering what is up with all the same old presentations from FirstNet…me too frankly…but I have a theory. The theory is that we are being conned. FirstNet has been working the carrier model since the printing of the infamous 400-page business plan that nobody is supposed to know about and that is owned by the Federal Government. The con has been performed on the malleable and has been the secretive plan since day one. If they aren’t actively engaging any other plans, or just continue with monotonous “outreach” topics, as proof to the progress being made, then I’m afraid their State consultation phase will only try to maintain secrecy around their plan to partner with the carriers. Why would they do that you say? Well let me explain.

It’s simple, it’s all about the money:  the population of California is 38 Million residents. If we target, lets say 20% penetration for commercial services using the D-Block spectrum at $50 a month, then that means $380 Million dollars a month – 38*.2*50 = 380 Million. Once again that is $380 MILLION a month to the commercial carriers, or 4.6 Billion annually…oh and yes they will allow the Public Safety to be on the network – for a fee. It’s all about the money and the monopoly…or is it all about the monopoly and the money?

I can guarantee you that Chief Fitzgerald will probably be the next to go, which could mean whistle blower laws being broken. My gut also tells me that Bill D’Agostino did leave for personal reasons, but it may have only helped mask a difference in opinion between Bill and Sam Ginn. If that is true then my theory is coming to life. The “silent coup” is still underway (as I have written about in the past).

The fact is the Myers Model™ Public Private Partnership makes so much damn sense that FirstNet has to keep their plans a secret, else they will lose all their potential customers and the use of the spectrum. Plus, lets be realistic here, 36 of the State’s lean right which means they are more prone to not accepting too much from the Federal Government. It’s the big elephant in the room…and it has some really big tusks. The fact is we have an election year coming up; we are more than $16 Trillion in debt; the job market stinks; the economy is on life-support; our healthcare system is a website that doesn’t work; and the administration still thinks what happened in Libya is a good thing. Who in their right mind thinks we can keep this up? What do you think will be one of the first things cut from the budget? My guess is that it will look something like a 7 followed by 9 zeros. Why appropriate money to the Public Safety Broadband Network when the State, or region, can monetize the spectrum for their own needs? Especially when there exists the Myers Model™ that can completely build and sustain the network without hitting any taxpayers.

Hellooo! McFly! Are you in there?!

If the States “Opt Out” and decide to build it themselves by monetizing the use of the spectrum for their own needs, well, then FirstNet’s carrier business model will fail…just add it to the list. Why should FirstNet, and the commercial carriers, be the one’s that monopolize the spectrum for their own benefit by monetizing it over a State’s needs? They will say as Frozone on the Incredibles once said “it’s all for the greater good” when in fact such a carrier relationship will still not address the rural coverage requirements, plus will still hit the taxpayers up for money, which makes it ironic that it comes from the Middle Class Tax Relief and Jobs Creation Act. . The only way it makes sense is if the plan is to monetize the spectrum for their own needs – and those needs don’t include the States, or Public Safety. My guess is that the root to all evil lies within one of the 7 deadly sins…that being greed.

Like I have written about in the past, FirstNet actually has more to gain by siding with the Myers Model™ approach, but who am I other than…

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