Tuesday, June 3, 2014

FirstNet - Sue Swenson a real breath of fresh air! Now lets trial some business models!

OK I have to say I spoke with Sue Swenson and I really like what she has to say. She brings a personality that I am use to seeing in the entrepreneurial spirit of telecommunications. Very strategic driver with the ambition to move things forward, she will bring a great amount of freshness in making things a success for FirstNet. My wife was correct, as she always is, in stating “let a woman takeover so things can get done”. I have to say I can spot a real gem and Sue really fits that mold.

From what I was able to convey she was able to grasp very quickly, reason being is that she knew where I was going, she has done her homework, and well versed on how private networks can develop, especially as it relates to self-reliance and self-funding requirements, as she put it, “she is an operations Gal”. Chairwoman Swenson understands how the Myers Model™ can help and that such a partnerships will be crucial to the success of FirstNet by monetizing the use of the spectrum for the benefit of “self-sustainment”.

As I’m sure there are many pushing their own model, realistically though we only have a few to choose from  -- the traditional vendor models, the Myers Model, the Taxpayer funded model, and the spectrum sharing model. Now I may be stepping out there on a limb, but last I counted we had 50 States and 6 Territories, as was suggested to TJ Kennedy, and others on the FirstNet Board, why not trial each of the models as a type of XPrize scenario? Just a suggestion! Each model author, if adopted by a State and approved by FirstNet, were given the chance to deploy their model in a State on a trial basis, then the results can be reviewed by FirstNet, and based on success ratings, be adopted nationalistically. Just a thought. Realistically, with the new Chairwoman, I am confident she will be able to discern what the real models are that could meet their needs without much of an effort. What have we to lose? We are building the same network, using standard vendor solutions (accept the spectrum sharing model), and we have been deploying these networks for years now. If any of the models don’t work, then the more successful model can take over….if none work then FirstNet can pursue its carrier solution. Like I said, what have we to lose?

By deploying trials of the models, I am more than confident that the Myers Model™ will come out on top, after all, this model has been successfully deployed for many years in the transportation and infrastructure industries. Those States that have adopted P3 models for deploying bridges, roadways, airports, etc.. know that this model well and they know it can work, plus, its business they are familiar with. Like I said in the beginning, the Myers Model™ is an adaptation of those successful models onto the telecommunications industry. The fact is, although the P3 concept is not knew, it is new in its deployment within telecommunications, that model is what I am recommending to FirstNet – that model is the Myers Model™.

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