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People often ask, “what’s in it for me?” or “what do I gain from knowing what I know and applying it the way I apply it?” The answer is quite simple, and it took me a lifetime to understand it.

I had a friend once say “when you die the Hearse that is taking to your grave never has a U-Haul behind it.” So what is it then? Why have I been so enthralled in the telecommunications field for the last 27 years? Was it because society told me I needed to do it? Or was it because I just really liked doing it? All I can tell you is that doing something for 27 years you better like what you are doing, or your life is just giant blob of misery.

I believe that everyone has a gift that was bestowed upon him or her. Those gifts were emblazoned with passion and fulfillment of doing something we love to do. All you have to do is ask yourself -- what is it that you just know you are really good at? Is it healing the sick? Is it building the best phone? Is it the ability to understand and decipher the great mysteries of the Universe? Is it playing Basketball? Or is it knowing everything there is to know about building telecommunication networks? I believe there are only two people who really know the answer to those questions and one of them is reading this blog entry.  

The gifts that we are given are what we sharpen and try to perfect, not because society says we must, but rather because it just brings us joy and happiness. Why is it we find such happiness in these things that may not conform to “what we are suppose to be doing” just because society says we must? What would have happen is George Thorogood heeded the advice “get a haircut and get a real job”? As Mr Thorogood has done himself, those gifts need to be spread to anyone that will listen, because what good are those gifts if you don’t have anyone to share them with? Plus what happens when the day comes where we will be challenged as to whether or not we used those gifts for what they were intended and designed to do?

Maybe its because I’m in my forties; maybe it’s because this is all I have to offer everyone; or maybe because I had a near death experience; over the years I have come to realize that the secret to our happiness is already inside of us, we just need to accept what those gifts are and what it is they are designed to do – that is exactly what I have done with the now titled, “Myers Model”.  

My gift over the years was my love for telecommunications and computers. I know it sounds awkward, nerdy and sometimes corny, but it’s true. I don’t know why I’ve always been drawn to knowing what I know with such passion, maybe it’s a curse, or, maybe I’ve accepted something that was off quilt from the start? It wasn’t until these last few years that I have come to realize that by letting go of the notion that I need to conform to a set of standards only delays the ability to accept what we know is our strong suit and just concentrate on delivering what it is we are impassioned about. It’s like George Thorogood playing “Bad to the Bone” and seeing all those people dancing, shouting and singing the combination of words he created, do you think he just did that because it was a real job? (pun intended)

I don’t know why I picked the topic of advancing telecommunications using the Myers Model Public Private Partnership -- it’s definitely not as interesting as “Bad to the Bone”. I don’t know why I started this journey right after 9-11. I don’t know why that all I can think about is telecommunications when it comes to work – I just do. It is what it is and all I can tell you is that I have accepted this gift and I want to share it with everyone that will listen.

To me it is clear as day as to what needs to happen to build the National Public Safety Broadband Network, it’s like I was designed to fulfill this role. Whether you believe me or not, maybe it’s our inability to accept something greater than ourselves, it’s all irrelevant to the fact that this is what I know and understand, and I truly believe my task is to let everyone know about it, because in the end, when I am getting a ride in that Hearse, the U-Haul will be picked clean, but the gifts I was able to share will endure for as long as it is needed.

If by constructing the biggest Public Safety telecommunications network ever built, using a model that my gifts developed, and if that is what makes the Nation feel safer, then maybe this is what I am suppose to do. These were gifts given to me, I don’t own them, and I surely can’t take the rewards of its fruit with me when I die. All I can do is concentrate on what I know, and I preach it to as many people as I can, which as of today, has been to more than 37 States making up more than half the Nation – literally thousands of people now. I don’t believe these gifts were given to me to create my own personal monetary gain, why would it, I’m just the messenger. What will I take with me when I need to pack that U-Haul when I die? This is why I have preached on the topic of a model I dedicated 12 years of my life too – a public private partnership model that I know will work -- a model that is not tied to a vendor product, or a consulting firms success, nor is it tied to any managed service offering that will generate millions of dollars, I am just talking about a model that will enable our great Nation to construct a vital part of securing our ability to bring care to those in need. In the end it’s just a model, like a radio is just a radio, what good is it is if nobody uses it? Whether you are a conservative, liberal, Muslim American, Native Indian, or just some old white dude, we all benefit from what this model can do. 

We have many within the Federal Government, the States and the commercial industries that all have great intentions for building this Public Safety Broadband Network, what I see as a major issue is the inability to get above the fray of the political scene; the lack of understanding of telecom business models; and the lack of just what telecommunications means. We can get caught staring into the eyes of Kaa all day long, but, if we don’t concentrate on the “bear necessities” we will never get out of the jungle. We need to start by focusing on a small piece first. Pick a State, any State, and allow the Myers Model™ to be tested. In the end what have we to lose? Isn’t it the same network anyway? Plus, the taxpayer-funded model can always be the fallback option. What really gets me upset is people trying to take pieces of the 20-Mhz of spectrum that was clearly given to Public Safety. Whether you believe 20-Mhz is too much doesn’t matter, because in the end only the Public Safety folks have the say…or the President…. or Congress who wrote the Act…. regardless it is not owned by the commercial industry. Plus, my understanding of telecommunications tells me that this 20-Mhz of spectrum will be used completely…trust me. There are a lot of users for this network and with some simply knowledge transfer everyone will be able to understand.

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