Thursday, April 17, 2014

FirstNet - Bill D'Agastino jumping ship? Carrier perception kills their plans?

So how do you curtail your image of being a carrier driven business model for FirstNet? Well you get rid of your perceived carrier GM first. The real question is who will be next? Any guesses? How do I know this – because I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

With Bill D’Agastino stepping away from FirstNet, for personal reasons, what does it really mean? How will it impact the slow moving progress so far? In actuality I think it helps. By pushing the carrier model aside, and focusing on the State based Public Private Partnership model, FirstNet can now move forward at a much faster pace. I’m not saying Bill was the reason for the blockage, the blockage was the perception, which may, or may not, have been the case. The perception of FirstNet was all about the influential carrier relationships, which spooked almost everyone in the Public Safety community. With Bill gone FirstNet can start to attack that perception head-on. TJ Kennedy, Acting GM now, comes with a Public Safety background and has enough telecom insight to be effective... and he's not a carrier guy.

With a P3 the State only needs guidance from FirstNet about the technical interoperability standards, and its approved vendor list, something that has been going on for quite some time now in Denver. For the modeling aspect,  all FirstNet needs to do is back the P3 concept of State execution then take a share in the State’s ownership model. By formulating some templates, or guidelines, around how the model should work, would help. It’s not necessary for FirstNet to dictate what can and can’t be done, that’s what the written law does, rather they should focus on the framework of the P3 (Myers Model™) and how it should be executed within a given State. Once the State outlines its P3 business plan, they can then seek approval by the FCC/FirstNet to release the spectrum. Furthermore, FirstNet itself can start to focus on its own P3 framework for executing a national structure for control centers and data-centers in support of the national broadband rollout. Think of it as layers of control. The bottom layer is the local layer within a State and the top layer is FirstNet covering all States.

In the end, its time to move on and accept the model for what it can do. Many States are now moving forward in understanding the Myers Model™ and how it can be deployed, which is good, inherent in that adoption will be the State taking control of its own future, and, in a more expeditious manner. By administering the model a State can do a lot more than just build a Public Safety network, it can foster job growth, private investment and true ownership to the whole economic impacts within the State.

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