Tuesday, February 11, 2014

FirstNet understands it needs to work with each State uniquely in delivering the Public Safety Broadband Network

Very interesting article entitled, “FirstNet begins webinars”; did you catch what Mr. D’Agostino said? 

“One thing I want to get across is that our view is that each one of these plans has to be a unique and jointly developed plan for each state,” D’Agostino said during an interview with IWCE’s Urgent Communications at the LTE North America conference in November. “That’s the key to the success, in our opinion, of adoption—the ability for the governors and the agencies in the states to say, ‘My team has worked with FirstNet, we have built this plan together, and we believe in it.’”

It is evident to me that we are heading in the right direction. The understanding of where we need to go is crucial to its success, which is, the understanding that this can only be successful if the States, individually, start to envision their own Public Private Partnership (Myers Model™) that enables the State to fund, maintain and generate revenue for its self-sustainment. 

To meet the demand of self-sustainment it is quite necessary for the State to gravitate towards its own ownership model that is built in coordination with FirstNet standards and methodologies of interoperability. The collection of the revenue can be isolated to each State, and its political makeup, where as, it can support, not only the complete self-sustainment picture, but also its ability to foster job creation and economic incentives -- these are just a few of the advantages. One of the most critical points to make is balancing the needs of the owners and the users of the network and can only be found in the Myers Model™ method. It will be a nightmare for FirstNet to try to enforce 56 different unique models that do not follow the framework of the Myers Model™.

To summarize, the Myers Model™ is a Public Private Partnership model that allows the State to maintain ownership; build a positive economic boost to their economy by introducing private investment; generate cash flow as to reinvest into the States Public Safety needs in general; and most importantly, provide much needed broadband capabilities to protect and serve the citizen taxpayers all while administering the interoperable standards as laid out by FirstNet.

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