Wednesday, February 5, 2014

FirstNet and the Public Safety Broadband Network -- States ready to deploy the Public Private Partnership (P3) model!!!

Seems to be a lot going on in the background of FirstNet. I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries on my business model, which, happen to come from numerous States, all inquiring as to what the next steps are in instituting the P3 process. Through the Intellectual Property process, we are securing the rights to licensing the model for use across the nation.  The important thing about deploying the trade marked “Myers Model” is that licensing is being established as we speak, with that we are also setting up a certification process to certify consultants in the model. Through some already established relationships, we are designing the certification process with a major University as an accredited course as well. Not quite there yet, but we have made huge strides. Thank you K!

People need to understand that the lock-down of the Intellectual Property is not solely about payback for the painstaking years of research, analysis and presentations, but rather to insure that the model gets implemented correctly. If the model is not developed into a State solution correctly then there exist the possibility of sever detrimental effects on the States funding process; obligations to its creditors; as well as an significant impact on the schedule and risk associated with the deployment, all of which could severely impact the taxpayer base of support, thus political outcomes.

There are a lot of Public Private Partnerships out there, and there are a lot of people who claim to be experts in Public Private Partnerships, which they may be in their own line of business, but we are talking about adopting a Public Private Partnership model, the “Myers Model” (liking it already), that is specifically designed for the advancement of telecommunications in just these types of verticals. I have converged my knowledge of the telecommunications industry (25 years worth) into the background surrounding the design, construction, development, deployment and operations of such large-scale telecommunication solutions, that culminates into this specific Public Private Partnership. In doing so I have also figured out a way to balance the needs of its users and align their business needs to accommodate the perfect balance between all concerned entities in the process. Research has demonstrated that there has never been a Public Private Partnership deployed in North America to fund such a major wireless telecommunications solution such as FirstNet -- until now.

Call it luck, or intuition, but I’m currently the only documented expert on the model and, thus, hold ownership to its implementation. It sounds ominous when you say it like that, but in reality, I want this to be a huge success and to insure it gets off the ground the correct way. My personal gain will be greater than my financial advantage. As with any model we will be open to rendering rights to the model for individual purposes under the licensing arrangement. We are open and willing to work with just about anybody when it comes to insuring this gets deployed successfully. In the end, its a small item that generates a great solution. 

More information will come apparent once we get through the legal stuff, but I'm open to private, or public, discussions on the topic, i.e. conferences, trade shows and the likes. Just send me a email. 

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