Sunday, November 3, 2013

Carriers to use FirstNet -- but not the way you are thinking!

One of the inherent things about FirstNet, and the use of the 700 Mhz D-Block spectrum, is its ability to generate revenue. Just because we are building a completely hardened Public Safety network, that will prioritize our First Responders during a disaster, we mustn't shy away from the fact that the spectrum, if modeled right, can generate enough cash, not only build it, but self-sustain it for the long haul as well. What it requires, and don't think of me as being to cliche, is some thinking outside of the box....outside of "the way we are used to building things around here".

Of course the network will be built for Public Safety, but, with such a resilient and hardened infrastructure, it will become advantageous for even the commercial carriers to consider its use. As a paid user, they can shed and sell-off their own assets and put the burden on the new owner -- isn't that the same as selling their assets to players like Crown Castle? As we start to build this network, it may come to fruition that even the carriers decide to sell their spectrum to FirstNet, instead of the other way around. After all, why build my own infrastructure when I could just use infrastructure that will cover every square meter of the Nation and our Territories? It gets rid of a big problem I have with penetrating the rural areas!

Why do I need to spend money on infrastructure at all? When my requirements call for 8-hour backup generation (usually the most costly item of any cellular buildout) and the hardened network of FirstNet will be based on 36-hours, and paid by someone else, why don't I just pay to use their network? Why don't I just sell FirstNet chunks of my spectrum being that I don't have to invest in the assets anymore? Settles another problem I have, that is, my shift away from owning the infrastructure and focusing more on broadband services! All I need to do is sit and wait, and slowly start to divest my own assets in the metropolitan areas, while I shift onto the FirstNet architecture as a paid client. Shifting over to an infrastructure that is managed by the government would definitely cut my own costs as a carrier, as well as the risk. People won't complain to me anymore when a disaster happens...they will have to focus on the owners of the infrastructure...that being the States and FirstNet. Another key item is that I could still use my own spectrum, but install my gear on FirstNet sites, so I don't interrupt any prioritization schemes.

And, probably the most important thing it does for me, it improves my bottom line, where I can cut overhead in managing all that infrastructure and focus more on just selling higher margin services!

Who would have thought?

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