Tuesday, October 1, 2013

FirstNet and the Public Safety Broadband doesn't have to rely on the Federal Government during shutdowns!

The government shutdown is just another reason a State needs to use the Public Private Partnership to construct its Public Safety Broadband Network. Executing under a P3 model you have the strength and the base of working off Private Capital to insure your timelines get met. Your contractors continue to work and are aligned with your ultimate goal of broadband coverage even as the federal government can't get its act together. Imagine being self-reliant on your own State government, and those invested into your future, without having to wait on cash from the federal government. People stay employed, money keeps flowing and the economy keeps growing...not a bad idea if you ask me.

The equity markets are sitting on cash, and have been, for some time now. The economy, and the tone set by the federal government, has only complicated the picture, whereas, the private money is being hoarded for safe keeping. Who wants to spend money during a time of uncertainty? Those that see opportunity, of course -- opportunity that is factual, has a pent up demand, and is backed by stalwart clients who need the service for as long as they are in business. Plus, it doesn't hurt to be backed by a taxpaying base of constituents. The Public Safety Broadband Network is way more than just a Public Safety network, it's a tool that the State can use to generate income, formulate strength in its financial and economic base, and deliver stability in times of federal distress or disasters. You are, in fact, creating a 5th Utility to support your whole State.

What are you waiting for?

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