Tuesday, September 10, 2013

FirstNet: This is how LA-RICS will fail.....

We can talk about the right LTE solution, or the interoperability; or whether or not police radios can communicate; or whether or not we have enough engineering resources to make it happen; but the one thing that will bring LA-RICS down, will be about the Terms and Conditions of the contract.

Basically, the terms and conditions are too stringent for most large contractors, or vendors, to accept. Getting your proposal approved to move to the next level puts you at the table to discuss the terms. But, unless there is a total rewrite of the verbiage, I'm afraid it will fail. If you over fortify your fort to keep the bad guys out, you unfortunately also keep the good guys out.

This is a lesson for all the other states to consider, when scripting your terms and conditions -- make them fair. Consider the fact that we are deploying a customized solution, using contractors and vendors who are just as much resolute in making the job a success as you are. I'm not saying give away the house and the furniture, but be fair. In the end you can have the best laid plans for your deployment, yet still fall short because of the fear of the unknown.

It is understandable that you may face anxiety if you have an OEM lead your effort, after all their main mission in life is to sell equipment, this is why you need a major general contractor to lead your effort. One that is non-biased to the selection of equipment and has an honest reputation when it comes to execution. Your terms and conditions need to be balanced for all involved, and not heavily one-sided as LA-RICS. If you don't, then you won't attract sound bids, bids that will make it a success.

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