Tuesday, August 6, 2013

And the Winner is....the State of New Mexico!!! They are the first to get "statewide" 700 Mhz Public Safety Access.

Way to go New Mexico in your spectrum lease approval. The primary, and most important part, of the entire lease agreement is: “The Service Area (geographic area of operation within the Lessee’s jurisdiction) for the purpose of this Agreement shall be the entire State of New Mexico.” Nice, now you just need to know what business model you will use going forward.  I also suggest you don’t waste anytime…five years will go by pretty fast.

Overall, I’m sure you have been getting the same pitch as everyone when it comes to the FirstNet plan, essentially, “give us time to figure it out”. I’m sure the GM for FirstNet is asking the same question. My suggestion, to the both of you, is to execute the P3 model and the FirstNet commercial service model, simultaneously, to support the national federal entities, as well as state based entities. Think of them as service plans for nationwide coverage and service plans for state based coverage. The big difference is the money spent, and the money gained, will be under the control of the entities that manage the spectrum and the infrastructure. I have a hard time believing that any State Governor would want to give up control of such an investment. You also have to ask yourself, where will FirstNet get its cash to build its solution if the State builds its own solution? Maybe FirstNet should think about that for a while. Federal tax dollars is one thing and State tax dollars are another thing. If a State decides to do both will they be held liable for their portion of the FirstNet build?

Just remember the ultimate goal is your truly hardened PUBLIC SAFETY broadband network that will meet all the standards laid out. But, one of those solutions actually helps your State more when it comes to higher employment, increased jobs, economic stimulation, and of course, the introduction of private investment to avoid taxpayer expenses. I can assure you that, so far, this does not include FirstNet. But time will tell. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.

The most important piece of the entire puzzle is access to the spectrum. With control of that access, you can justify a business model that will sustain, not only the entire Public Safety Broadband deployment, but also foster economic growth for any given state. What’s more important than doing your part for a tax relief and jobs creation law? The spectrum is the key to the whole enchilada.

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