Thursday, July 11, 2013

FirstNet: What's better "Opt Out" or "Opt In"? Which solution actually aligns with the "Middle Class Tax Relief and the Jobs Creation Act of 2012"?

How does FirstNet create jobs and reduce the tax burden on the middle class with a carrier based commercial model of a partnership? Isn't the essential underlying meaning of the "Middle Class Tax Relief and the Jobs Creation Act of 2012" to actually reduce taxes and put people back to work? Or is it to reduce our tax balances by giving it to the commercial carriers who in turn can employ their own people? I'm just saying.

Its a trick question. In actuality FirstNet has positioned themselves to give the $7 Billion in taxpayer money to help harden the carrier class networks so that they can install their own antennas then interface with the commercial carriers to deliver their own "service" functionality to the First Responders and Public Safety users. At the same time they will leave the purchase of handsets to the State's public safety community as well as its taxpayers for the long-term maintenance. What's different in that model than just giving the money to the corporate carrier industry to build it and run it for them? Don't the Public Safety entities within a State already have commercial service contacts anyway? Why do they need just another commercial based subscriber fee to access a private LTE network? Who will be held responsible for this solutions long-term plan -- the State? The taxpayer! What happens when another large incident happens and the users who declined the service aren't on the network?

So I ask, what is more advantageous to the "Middle Class Tax Relief and the Jobs Creation Act of 2012" the "Opt In" for the FirstNet service model? Or the "Opt Out" which allows the State to build its own business model that will employ thousands, bring in needed investments, and enhance their own economic outcome? A Public Private Partnership between the State and Private Investment does exactly what the "Act" was originally designed to do -- that is to have NO tax burden; puts State constituents to work; brings in needed investment & revenue; and pays for all the First Responder communication handset needs. At the same time it brings all the Public Safety Services Organizations under one communications umbrella that centralizes the risk of the technology roadmap for the broadband solution. But then again I'm....

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