Wednesday, July 24, 2013

FirstNet to the States -- eat, drink and be Mary!

What I don't understand is why hasn't the FirstNet Board realized that it can have the best of both worlds -- it can offer a carrier type solution at the same time work with the States as they commission their Public Private Partnership to build their own solution. At the end of the day FirstNet needs to provide a model that is better aligned with the State's own plans and needs. By just offering one solution only puts them in a bad spot of forcing an "opt out" decision by the State. The State has to do what is in the best interest of the State, and the State's constituents, when it comes to Public Safety. The best way forward is hidden in the Federal Legislation's own name -- The Middle Class Tax Relief and the Jobs Creation Act of 2012. Anybody see the resemblance of a hidden message there?

The best way for a State to maximize its tax deferment and create jobs is buy monetizing its own spectrum for the benefit of its Public Safety needs, which in turn automatically creates local jobs and invites private investment to avoid taxation. With FirstNet just offering a carrier type service they are not fulfilling the role of what the State really needs. But FirstNet can do both. Its like being a can eat, drink and be Mary!

FirstNet can help define a State's requirements and framework of executing a State's Public Private Partnership (P3) and for its service it can retain a small percentage of the State's ownership model. This will allow FirstNet to create a self-sustaining model without using taxpayer money. At the same time it can work in coordination with the carriers to model a "service model" for Public Safety access nationally -- such a service will act as a filler in that Public Safety's demands should not dictate a carriers business model and the carrier should not be held responsible for the service if a major event happens. But at least there will be some type of service while we fill in the blanks with truly hardened networks.

Although a State's P3 model can survive without a subscriber based model being implemented; it would benefit the State to create a subscriber based capability anyway. Who knows what the future will bring when it comes to service provisioning needs and extra revenue opportunities. In the end such a capability could co-exist with FirstNet's plan for a commercial supported service as well -- actually sounds like a great way to build your inter-carrier relationships and agreements. In the end though the State needs to build its own solution to garner the benefits the P3 exudes.

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