Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Way to go Harris County Texas!

Really good ideas being tested in Harris County. Most were under the belief that Harris County in Texas was testing LTE. I in fact was one of those people. They are not really testing LTE but rather applications. This is really a great idea! This idea needs to be developed to include all the users of the PSBN. Test Utilities, Transportation, Agriculture and Forestry to include DoD and DHS type solutions. Of all the testing being done so far this is probably the most important. Even more important than what is going on with the PSCR. Allow me to explain.

The technology of LTE is not new anymore, but what is missing is the potential for M2M and B2B type applications that make up a great deal of the ecosystem of applications that will connect and integrate -- at the applications layer -- all the First Responders and Public Safety Services Organizations. What I'm afraid of is the lack of money. We need to invest a great deal into what they are doing in Harris County. If there is anything that BTOP should be used for is just such development and testing.

They also really need to brand this and market it to the community. This essentially is the real test bed for a true physical App Store and development framework. We can't hide the gem that it is.

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