Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How do you hide a 400-page FirstNet business plan with no one finding out? Any suggestions?

Just read an interesting article about the stated fact that “No Business Plan Exist” for FirstNet and that a 400-page paper document was never created under the leadership of Craig Farril, Sam Ginn, William Keaver or Ed Reynolds. It’s freighting to garner the idea that no one would suspect a large contracting and consulting firm would put together a 400-page business plan without anyone suspecting... let alone the other board members. Could you imagine sitting by the printer waiting for a 400-page printout? Somehow that just doesn’t ring true. I mean how do you get something like a 400-page paper, written secretly by consultants, by the Federal Government’s watchful eye and all its red tape? Can such a capper be committed? Imagine the impact on the Nation, our National Security, the Interest of the States and eventually that deep impact on taxpaying Americans. I mean its asinine to think something like that could happen…. right? Let alone get away with it? If that were to happen in a corporation you would be fired, blacklisted and probably arrested for mutiny. Can you mutan-ize a company? Is “mutin-ize” a word?

Maybe it’s not a “business plan”? Maybe it’s a strategy document that lays out just how a certain commercial carrier will obtain the spectrum allocated to Public Safety whose dubious plan it will be to augment their sell-off of their own burdensome assets to increase their profits while at the same time burdening the Federal and State taxpayers with holding the bag when they decide to exit?  Or maybe it’s an evil plan to undercut their existing competition by acquiring spectrum that they would normally have to bid for? How nice would that be to acquire the same spectrum you tried to bid on a few years back, but this time you can get it for free and let the taxpayers pay for it. Or, better yet, maybe it’s a 400-page recipe for a new broadband Hungarian Goulash soup?

Why would we assume that just because we have 4 industry guys on the board, that have a tremendous amount of skill and experience in monetizing the use of commercial wireless, that they would have any other intentions other than creating a Private LTE network -- with limited users on the most valuable spectrum in the world -- just for Public Safety? Reminds me of a joke about a scorpion getting a ride on the back of a turtle…

If indeed such behavior would have ever been committed, or exists at the FirstNet Board, then I’m sure that our faithful legislatures, and appointees, will have someone probably going to jail for misappropriations of taxpayer money. How else would you pay a huge amount of money to a consultant, without anyone knowing about it, instructing them to write a 400-page plan without following the law signed by the President of the United States?  Unless of course these consultants just took it upon themselves. Come on everyone…nobody is that incomprehensible.

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