Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FirstNet Board Meeting and a business model to success...oh so we thought?

Having just listened to the FirstNet Board meeting, one thing strikes me the most; it seems as though the square peg of a carrier model is being forced into the round hole of a Public Safety Broadband Network…and we will all pay for it. I will stake my professional opinion that where this business model is going, from FirstNet’s modeling perspective, there is no realistic way for the network to be funded, constructed, let alone operated self-sufficiently for the long-term. I have to obligate myself to the faith that the one thing that is protecting us from these all too familiar lobbying efforts for the commercial carriers … is the lack of knowledge of how a private network gets built and who ultimately the customer is. This is a network for Public Safety… not for expanding the coverage of the commercial carrier model. We need to move beyond this now. It’s only going to kill or frustrate this entire build-out.

They talk about how models are being considered and I have to say that I have spoken with no one in the context of how a proper Public Private Partnership model can be administered for FirstNet. Yet I hear about the outreach and inclusion of certain models that are already producing some results for a preliminary model in April. I have spoken, and presented to certain members of the NTIA prior to the FirstNet Board being installed; I have even single-handedly reached out to certain pre-selected members of the FirstNet Board and successfully presented my model of which overwhelming thought the idea was great. I have spoken with over 15 States now and all found the P3 model I am proposing to be sound and a great way to fulfill all their requirements. I even submitted the model through the NOI response as well as numerous writings through blogation.  Yet, I have heard nothing from the Board, nor seen any requests for information either (except for the NOI, of which everything fell silent) from FirstNet or the NTIA. How can the FirstNet Board say they have what they need to construct a business model by April unless they are only considering the model in the context of the commercial carriers? Which makes sense in that the commercial carrier industry is where the Acting GM comes from. Can't blame a guy for what he knows. 

Patching together already disparate networks, i.e. satellite and existing carrier infrastructure, will not solve the question of meeting the critical support infrastructure of Public Safety. By introducing, and then progressing, a model associated with a commercial carrier network is only going to hurt the States and the constituents who will be forced to pay for the inadequacies of the network coverage – that being the taxpayers.

The business model for FirstNet must include the Public Private Partnership model as laid out in the legislation. As we have experienced in any large infrastructure job such as; highways, toll-ways, rail and large construction programs, we know that the properly defined role of the Public Private Partnership works. What I’m afraid is happening is that blinders have been installed by certain members of the FirstNet Board who believe that “Public Private Partnership” means the Public Safety and Private commercial carriers; which has nothing to do with the correct Public Private Partnership model that many industries use – to include large telecom projects internationally. We aren’t doing anything new here! It’s all too confusing as to why we are being forced fed a commercial carrier model that won’t work for this Public Safety Broadband initiative. I would pose one question: do we have the wrong people trying to formulate a business model?

As you can tell it is very frustrating that a sound business model for the requirements of the Public Safety Broadband Network are not being considered, especially its impact on the States and the Public Safety Service Organizations that reside within them. As for many within our nation, as was the case for Chris Kyle, the most decorated Sniper in our nations history, we all have a goal to help protect our nation. My experience and dedication to the development of telecommunications in the vertical industries, and my ultimate goal of progressing the advancement of telecommunications for the sake of Public Safety, drives me to “call-out” the insanity that we face as it conflicts with our overall goal.

As it pertains to the business model for FirstNet…they just need to start a real process of listening and accruing the ideas and let go of their personal ambitions and initiative to make it happen on their watch. As a highly decorated Pilot in the Viet Nam War, and ultimate Prisoner of War for many years, CPT Charlie Plumb says, “we are all parachute packers and we need to understand that we are all part of a much larger picture of success”. Without the parachute packers he would have been killed in Viet Nam, yet he managed to survive on the contributions of thousands. In this case many minds are far better than one.

Me and CPT Plumber 2012
(even though he retired as a Colonel he goes by CPT Plumber)

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