Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why does Priority 2 Users make the best clients for the Nations Public Safety Broadband Network? Its’ more than just a stable revenue stream of their existing lines of business…. its about aligning the business needs of all involved.

The internal State agencies and entities, that are defined as Public Safety Support and Services organizations, are considered a great recurring revenue stream for a Public Private Partnership model to deploy a statewide Public Safety Broadband solution, which is definitely a great starting point, but its more than just that. The primary reason for Priority 2 Users is an alignment of their business needs that fit perfectly with a business partnership with the State.

As a short list of an example:

I was going to add DoD and the National Guard as well, but I make the point with just these three relationships alone in justifying the build-out of a National Security Interest such as the Public Safety Broadband Network. By not truly incorporating the needs of these players we are only justifying a desire for sadomasochistic tendencies of self inflicted pain and agony associated with the scheduling, timeline and ultimate build out of the Nations Public Safety Broadband Network without the full support of the States and the Public Safety community.  

To put things into perspective; I have six kids and I would not buy an automobile just to satisfy my needs for just one kid.

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