Thursday, November 8, 2012

Webinar Series on how the Utilities can play with the Public Safety Broadband Network

A really good webinar series on Public Safety Broadband and the tie into the Utilities. Sign-up! It’s an open online event. Essentially the event illustrates a model to which the electric coops (and others) can join in on the Public Safety Broadband initiative. It will give you a chance to here some of the creative scenarios being brought up.

Tri-County Electric Cooperative Featured in 700 MHz Webinar Series
The issue of rural deployment of the 700 MHz public safety broadband network (PSBN) is being increasingly debated in Washington, DC and across the country, as FirstNet and state/local authorities grapple with constructing, maintaining and operating a nationwide network that meets the needs of public safety.  Leveraging the infrastructure of rural electric utilities has been identified by FirstNet as one means of covering rural areas.   In that context, Tri-County Electric Cooperative will be featured in a series of webinars around the issue of sharing the 700 MHz PSBN with utilities.  UTC encourages UTC members to participate in these webinars, and members can register by clicking on the links below:

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