Thursday, November 1, 2012

Is it time for High-Speed Rail in the Northeast? What about a partnership with the State's Public Safety Broadband Network?

Why not given the damage of Hurricane Sandy we may be faced with rebuilding the Northeast Corridor anyway. I had a recent link sent to me that illustrates the extent of the damage of Hurricane Sandy and its impact on the Northeast Corridor rail system. This may be a perfect opportunity to rebuild the system to accommodate true High-Speed rail.

By the way this same rail system would require input and support to the National Public Safety Broadband Network. As was posted in an earlier article HSR needs broadband technology as well. Given the extent of the New Jersey’s plan to build their own Public Safety Broadband Network, as part of the national plan, maybe its time to start talking about a joint support role tied together with a Public Private Partnership for the State to funds its PSBN and rail system rebuild.

Here is the link to the pictures of the damage:

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