Friday, August 3, 2012

Who's buying Nokia Siemens Networks?

I read a recent article to which labor statistics show that over 165,000 jobs were lost in the telecom industry...thats more than 15% within the last year. The consolidation and convergence towards IP is having a deeper impact now because the process is speeding up given our current market conditions. It may be a perfect storm scenario here. 

Much like GD bought IP Wireless, which was a brilliant move by the way, and the new market of the Public Safety now moving into its next generation of wireless, that being LTE, it makes for a perfect buying position for a major Defense Contractor to buy, at least, the LTE product line. You would think that if we are building the Nations First Responder Network, a private network, that it would be viewed as a National Security Asset, thus requires the protections as we have in all our secure government networking solutions...those solutions are run by these big contractors....not the OEMs or carriers. After all there is a reason for the term "buy America" when it comes to the Government and its not all about just employing more Americans....its about the safety of knowing -- intimately -- your assets and securing them from intrusion. Such a solution is only achievable, or I should best achievable, if the general contractor actually buys the asset. In the end, these product lines are a small piece of what someone like Raytheon does everyday. Last year Raytheon did 25 Billion in government work alone. 

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