Thursday, July 12, 2012

The NTIAs Impact on the Global Market for LTE and Public Safety

Have you noticed lately that the entire market for Public Safety has come to a standstill? I’m talking everything…LMR, P25, LTE, BTOP funds. Its effect is felt nationwide and impacts not only public safety, but also Utilities, Agriculture, Forestry, Transportation and of course the commercial market that designs, builds and generates products to support them.

We are not talking about a simple telecommunication project here. We are talking about shifting the entire telecommunication industry; a move that will inherently evolve horizontally into all adjoining markets. To put it into perspective; if a commercial carrier employs roughly 60,000; supporting a 20+ Billion infrastructure; that interfaces with more than 80 Million customers; and you are looking to build a private network more than twice that size and has a geographic, social and national effect that will impact across multiple industries with Billions of devices (M2M); it may be self evident that we are talking about an entire industry shift – a shift that will be felt on all fronts of its adaptation.   

Why is it that it took the NTIA two weeks to create the Interoperability Board (which has already completed its job), but has to wait until the end of August to create the FirstNet Board? Does the NTIA realize that they are impacting an entire national market that could generate thousands of jobs?

It’s time for the realization of the Federal Governments decision making process could help generate thousands of needed jobs and creating a huge cauldron of money stirring back into the market place. All that is needed is to appoint a small board of 15 individuals. I mean we aren’t talking rocket science here. Politically you would think the President would be all over this trying to get it moving.

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