Monday, July 30, 2012

Healthcare Industry and its Telecommunication Opportunities for of the Public Safety Broadband Network

As part of my specialization I research all the major vertical market segments and the impact that telecommunications has on them. Some of my work is basically analyzing the markets for opportunities of which telecommunications can advance even further, especially as they relate to the rollout of the Public Safety Broadband Network. Hospitals are closely tied to the Public Safety arena…after all without Ambulances or EMT type personnel then who is better qualified.

Did you know there that in the US healthcare sector includes more than 820,000 hospitals, doctor offices, emergency care units, nursing homes, and social services providers, with combined annual revenue of over $1 trillion. Major companies include Kaiser Permanente, HCA, and Ascension Health. The sector is highly fragmented: the top 50 organizations hold just 15 percent of the market. Hospitals are the least fragmented industry: the top 50 hospitals account for 30 percent of total hospital revenue.

The industry includes about 6,000 general hospitals; 20,000 nursing homes; 15,000 diagnostic labs; 30,000 outpatient clinics; 120,000 dentist offices; 200,000 doctor offices; 75,000 day care facilities; and 50,000 family and social services providers. Of the 6,000 US hospitals, around 75 percent are for-profit. Most doctor offices, nursing homes, outpatient and urgent care centers, and day care facilities are run as for-profit enterprises.

These are a lot of internal state entities that would require access to the Nations Public Safety Broadband Network being laid out by the NTIA. I hope they haven’t forgotten about this market.

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Just as an example; here is the breakdown of the Wireless Patient Tracking solutions for this market...

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