Friday, June 29, 2012

States to Use Public Private Partnerships to fund and maintain Public Safety Network

The National Public Safety Broadband Network is going to be built. The States will carry most of the burden to get them deployed, built, tested, managed and maintained for a long operational roadmap. It’s just a matter of time before everyone starts to understand that the Public Private Partnership model is the best way to fund these entire programs. It’s not a bad thing. Actually it’s a very good thing.

The Public Private Partnership is not a Government owned and run solution…it’s a partnership. After all, just as with any major industry, their talents are designed for their specific business model. The Government’s business is not running a complex telecommunications company; just as Utilities, Police, Fire, Forestry and so on.. What they are good at is allowing for financial support in the way of seed money; seed money that ultimately leads to long-term recurring revenue for all involved. Especially if that money is used to fund an entity whose sole mission in life is to build, operate and maintain that specific telecommunication network for their States needs. 

There aren’t many in the industry; let alone the country; or in that case the world; who has dedicated 7-years to writing a dissertation on the very topic of Public Private Partnerships Advancing Telecommunications. Allow me to show you how this can work.

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