Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Public Private Partnerships for Public Safety Broadband

Well it's official...the Federal Government has incorporated the need for Public Private Partnerships to deploy the nationwide (LTE) broadband network. This means good things.

1. Properly executed a P3 can keep a State from having to use State and Federal tax dollars to design, build and maintain the private network.

2. It provides investment opportunities for long-term recurring revenue streams accessible to State entities as well as private benefactors.

3. It could offset capital cost programs for a company, or government entity, that requires the use of LTE to sustain its operational capabilities.

4. It allows entities that ride on the LTE network to ability to move to a solid operational cost model for a fixed yearly fee.

5. It allows those entities that ride the broadband network the ability to offset the technology curve by allocating any requirements to a service level agreement/contract with a newly energized central organization that will run the network.

6. Most importantly; it allows Fire, Police and entities like Power Utilities to concentrate on their core business.

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