Friday, February 17, 2012

LA-RICS Next Obama Mistake?

Just read an interesting article on the LA-RICS debacle going on. (ref:

The one thing I can garner from all this "we have to spend the money now" scenario is that there are too many chiefs in the pun intended. Those responsible for trying to drive this solution to fruition are too mired in all the antics of spending the cash instead of realizing that the answer lies in just building the LTE portion of the solution. After all, the LMR and the device aspects of the program are not the driving factor and thus should be eliminated as a requirement in the initial stages. By going forth with the LTE deployment you will have the baseline infrastructure to building out the Public Safety network. Award the contract and spend the money on the design phase of the LTE solution; then deployment, then sustainment. Following this pause then start the integration of the LMR and device service sets. The LMR and devices are not driving the need to go to LTE. LTE is driving the OEMs to create LTE enabled devices thus the market generation is already happening. Stop worrying about the technical aspects of LMR interfacing. Those needs will be met. Whats important to to drive the OEM demand to build those features into LTE not the other way around.

Another key issue I see is the Public Safety side trying to gain all the momentum by being the main decision maker in the process. By doing so will only hamper the progress of building the right solution. In the end LMR will not go away and the old way of doing business will still exist; just because the radio solution is an entrenched and heavily utilized technology. Given time things may change but for the time being we can expect that there will always be a radio solution.

With that said, its essential that we understand that there is a solution to the "worry about spending the federal cash", that is not spending it at all. Rather we need to include such entities as the Power Utilities, large investors, to generate an investor owned LTE broadband solution to support all the Public Safety concerns. As covered in earlier topics the LA-RICs (and all state initiatives to deploy LTE for Public Safety) should utilize a Public-Private-Partnership arrangement rather than try to wait on Federal or State Tax dollars that come with strings attached.

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